Aryeh’s Kitchen

The Food & Menu

 The Food & Menu


 The Food & Menu


The Goods

Slow Smoked Beef Brisket Wrap / Sandwich or Plate

8-Hour Hickory Smoked Brisket dressed with Bourbon BBQ Sauce or Aryeh’s Oak Ridge White BBQ, Sweet Onion Relish, Roasted Tomatoes, seared in a Flour Tortilla or Brioche Roll


$12.5 / 15

Chopped Smoked Pork Sandwich or Plate


♦Melts in your mouth like everything we make

$10 / 12.5

Grilled Smoked Chix Salad Sandwich or Plate


Citrus Marinated Grilled Chicken tossed in our House Dressing, LTOP, Flour Tortilla or Brioche Roll

$12 / 14

Hand Carved Smoked Turkey Wrap


Cajun Rubbed then slowly Smoked, Baby Greens, Peach Compote, Cajun Aioli, Flour Tortilla


Zack’s Smoked Burger


Quick Smoked w/ LTOP.AK’s. House Finishing Salt. Griddled Bun.White Oak BBQ. PepperJack. 



The Infamous OX Burger


Premium Ground Chuck, Provolone, Sweet Onion Relish, Roasted Tomatoes, Memphis Aioli. Wrapped in a flour tortilla or Brioche Bun

Top Katz

Classic Deli

Nashville Twist


House Smoked, Cured, Tender Pastrami. Black & Tan Pumpernickle, bourbon slaw, muenster, white oak + spice

Chicken & Latkes


Fresh chicken breast, split, quick smoked, gentle fry, house season


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House Drink & Sides


Refreshing Salad O’Salad


Daily Chef’s Creation of Artisanal Greens with Stylish Healthy Toppings built to Energize. Choice of Size. 

$12 / 9


Bottled Water




Infused Seltzers and Craft Elixirs


Chips Crisps, Kettle


Pasta Salad, Slaws, Potato Salads,

Hot or cold seasonal veg medley, Gardenia


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