Zack Freeling

Perry Seal

My vast experience as a team builder with a positive attitude and culinary skills to provide an exceptional guest experience and high-level product. To work with an organization where my outstanding food and beverage knowledge, creativity, and people skills will benefit those involved.


Chef Perry Seal



Perry Seal has been affiliated with Aryeh’s Kitchen from the beginning back in 2016. He is an Executive Chef that has been a part of Nashville’s culinary scene for over 25 years. Operating large properties like The Hermitage Hotel, Hillwood Country Club and The Golf Clubs of Mississippi down to award winning restaurants like the Capital Grill, Café Milano and Naomi Judd’s Trilogy restaurant, Chef Seal has set the standards in cuisine, through hard work and dedication, for his crafts of hospitality and culinary. Perry has a passion for team building that reaches a common goal of quality, consistency, and longevity through training and leadership. Chef Seal has developed, worked, and consulted projects spanning areas like Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, and Vermont. Reach out to Aryeh’s Kitchen to see how we can assist you, in your growth in business and passion of the culinary arts.

Zack "Aryeh" Freeling


Zack Freeling

Founder | President

My business's vision is to honor my family’s heritage, through hard work and dedication, to provide an excellent food product as I started at Aryeh’s Kitchen. My story is inspiring and creates strength thru hardship and perseverance. I want to be able to share my story by assisting others in need during their harshest moments. With my successes, I will see my family’s memory through charity, humility, and compassion to pay tribute to my faith and society. My goal is to create both kosher and non-kosher food products produced and executed both fresh and a line of retail products. Despite the tragic losses I have experienced, I will continue to fight, like the lion, and pursue my passion as a talented chef, entrepreneur, and most importantly, someone who will never stop wanting to help others. Call me anytime.

  • Risk it. For the Brisket. #BrisketLuv

    Freeling prides himself on his brisket recipe. He finds that the numerous variables and difficult elements that go into his labor-intensive 16-hour smoked briskets represent various aspects of life. And when it comes out, the brisket has a beautifully crisped bark on the outside but is tender, juicy, and full of love on the inside. Pain. Hope. A touch of kosher salt.

  • Motto: Keep Truckin'

    Aryeh's Kitchen is developing their second truck. After designing the iconic airstream in 2016, Freeling is keeping things simple in his newly acquired 1997 GMC Utlimaster. Keep Truckin'

  • Vanderbilt

    Vanderbilt University, where Freeling received his Bachelor's Degree, has a special place in Freeling's heart. The university is known for many things, including housing the kosher food truck Zack and his father started together with Rabbi Shlomo Rothstein of Vanderbilt Chabad. Still, the school went above and beyond to provide Freeling with the resources and support needed after experiencing the suicides of his brother ('13) Sam and father ('17) Ken, speaks volumes to the University's administration, professors, and community atmosphere. The kosher food truck is still running on campus today—Anchor Down.

Corries Hardy

Senior Advisor | Mentor

Award Winning Pitmaster

Hardy's BBQ

Corries Hardy, owner of the legendary Hardy's BBQ in Bowie, MD is a true master when it comes to the craft of BBQ with over 20 years of experience in the industry. His passion for life, food, and helping others learn and grow is truly inspirational; especially for Freeling, as the two share these core values when it comes to doing business. Hardy and Freeling have known each other for 10 years. After reconnecting in April 2020, Freeling hit the ground running under his mentorship. Corries has a huge heart and a level of talent that is unparalleled, as he has proven to be a major role model for Freeling and a driving force for the rebirth of Aryeh's Kitchen. He is a dedicated father, veteran, and successful businessman.

"Do good things, good things will happen. Keep fighting."
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