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Gourmet Picnic of Sauces


In case you didn’t want to get spicy, we took the initiative to get saucy. Aryeh’s Kitchen Picnic Sauce Party is exactly that. For a limited time during the holiday season, we are offering all four of our Nashville Reserve Edition Sauces in one big basket of SPICY SAUCE CAJUN NASHVILLE GOODNESS. And yes, we included recipes as well. Don’t get lost in the sauce. From the heart of the lion


includes 1 each:

  • Chipotle Cajun Aioli
  • White Oak BBQ
  • Nashville Tomato Relish
  • Spicy Peach Goodness
  • AK’s monogrammed Kitchen Towel
  • Gift Basket presentation
  • Personalized Note and recipes
  • Shipped to/from


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