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Chipotle Cajun Aioli


Louisiana flavors. Hot Peppers.Touch of Garlic. Smooth and balanced. Cutting Aioli. Seafood, meat, poultry, veg. Simply put. It goes well with everything. Just saying.

Cajun= French descendants from eastern Canada that inhabited Louisiana in the early 1600s. Their recipes have French, Spanish, and African flavors that are rich but rustic.



Aryeh’s Kitchen’s Cajun Aioli is the perfect complement to any sandwich, salad, or dip. It has a full flavor of garlic, mustard, chipotle peppers to identify with the Cajun family of flavors. Use it as a spread or a dipping sauce for a multitude of recipes.

Goes Great with Grilled Boneless Chicken, hot or cold cooked Shrimp, Baked Flaky white fish, Grilled/Poached Salmon, Roasted Turkey Breast, Sliced Tomatoes, ALL SANDWICHES, Tuna salad, Fried fish. Crawfish Boil.

Other Uses: Adds a spicy kick to pasta salads, cold deli-style chicken, ham, or turkey salad, use this to replace butter on the outside of a grilled cheese=WOW.

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  1. Jesse H.

    This goes well on everything! Just used as marinade for chicken! Thanks for sending me the recipe!

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