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Kicking Curry


If you haven’t tried curry before, our Kicking Curry is the one to try. It has a hearty, earthy flavor that brings out your taste buds. It is a bit spicy, with some roasted spices in the recipe but cooling when added to sauces as a finisher.


Aryeh’s Kitchen Kicking Curry is a lively blend of spices that brings you to the cuisine of middle eastern countries. We blended over 15 ingredients to give our personal touch to this regional staple. When you travel thru India, North Africa and other dessert countries, Curry varies from town to town, village to village, family to family. It is so strongly loved over history it was one of the main staples brought to the Americas through the spice routes through the globe. Curry was considered a luxury flavoring when the English brought it to the Caribbean nations hence its roots in Jamaican foods.

AK’s Kicking Curry is great on Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Goat, Vegetables, and side dishes. It can used to enhance soups, purees, stews, casseroles, and dips. Curry is healthy with non-inflammatory features in turmeric, ginger, and chili powder.


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