Aryeh’s Kitchen was started by Zack and Ken Freeling in memory of Zack’s brother, Sam, after he passed in 2013. Within seven years of Sam’s passing, Zack also experienced the loss of his father and mother. Throughout this tragedy and pain, Zack has never given up. He is the embodiment of Aryeh, the lion, persevering and turning his narrative of loss into one of hope and inspiration. Now, Zack has revitalized and rebranded Aryeh’s Kitchen, carrying on the legacy he built with his father. One meal and one conversation at a time, Aryeh’s Kitchen is sharing Zack’s story and inspiring others in the community who have suffered from loss or mental health.

the video explains why you have to never give up. There is so much in the world. that goodness is more powerful than the bad days we all experience. Aryeh's Kitchen encourages everyone to keep fighting. The strongest thing you can do, is to ask for help. Don't stop until you get it. feed your inner lion.

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