Located in Nashville, Aryeh's Kitchen is the top destination for kosher eats. 

Aryeh's Kitchen opened in May 2016 and is located in the heart of Vanderbilt University's campus. Since then, our iconic mobile food trailer has been serving up the finest kosher dining options with a southern twist.

Our food is prepared fresh either right inside our eye-catching food truck or at our pristine off-site commissary kitchen. We offer mouthwatering options across our menu made from the healthiest, finest kosher ingredients. This food will keep you coming back for more.


Innovative Kosher Cuisine

Rabbi Gavriel Isenberg, Manager of Aryeh's Kitchen, just recently moved to Nashville with his wife and 11 month old son from New Jersey six months ago. He is passionate about providing quality Kosher food and is excited about the opportunity to manage Aryeh’s Kitchen. He loves providing authentic home-made food that he prepares with his wife Menucha. Whenever he is is not cooking up a storm and overseeing operations of the food truck, he spends his time strengthening Jewish life on campus as the Assistant Rabbi of Chabad Vanderbilt.




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Find us on Vanderbilt's Campus!

300 24th Ave S. 

Nashville, TN 37212



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The Inspiration for Aryeh’s Kitchen

Zack "Aryeh Yitzchak" Freeling is the personification of his given Hebrew name, which means "Laughing Lion." Though strong and powerful as a lion, he has a natural lightness about him and laughter is never far away.  Aryeh's Kitchen is an outgrowth of Zack's lifetime passion for the kitchen, his desire to be an entrepreneur, business focused studies at Vanderbilt University and Jewish identity.

Rabbi Shlomo Rothstein is the Director of Vanderbilt University's Rohr Chabad House.  For him, dishes with healthful delicious glatt kosher meats are a must have for those who keep kosher, important for all Jewish souls and good for everyone else, irrespective of their religion or beliefs.  It doesn’t hurt that he possesses the beating heart of a passionate cook as well. 

Ken Freeling, Zack's dad, is an advisor to the project.  Zack, Rabbi Shlomo and Ken came to know one another on the night that Zack lost his brother, Ken's oldest son, Sam.   When Ken and his son needed the strong loving support on the most difficult day of their lives, Rabbi Shlomo was there for them, and has been ever since.  

For all of three, Aryeh's Kitchen is about the goodness and sweetness of life despite the challenges that are part of being human.

The Founder's Vision

Zack likes the challenge of inventing and making awesome food that appeals to today’s most discriminating foodies while satisfying strict kosher standards. Zack Freeling is reinventing Jewish soul food that, with the support of Vanderbilt University, will enhance campus life while creating new connections between the University and the wonderful Nashville community. 

The early returns have been as positive as the message of Aryeh's Kitchen itself - we prepare and serve food in accordance with the timeless laws of Kashrut that are a celebration of the life and world we live in.


Who Aryeh's Kitchen is For 

Aryeh's Kitchen is for everyone who wants to eat good, feel good, and experience what it is like to have a moment when the mind, body and spirit are in harmony.

Ko’ Yeah.